The Charity Fund Raiser

When the first batch of flaps were complete, they were sold for charity to a cause close to our heart. My sister, Amy was running the Great North Run for the Alzheimers Society. I really wanted to contribute to the fund raising effort, - the idea that we were heading into winter, mudflaps would soon be essential. Ideal timing - but also a true test to show if people would pay for a club flap.

You can see full details of all the donations here, notice the comments that reference a flap. The toal came to just over £2000. £600 of the total came from flap donations from the Alba Rosa cycling club.

We asked for £6 for just a flap, no fittings. - or £12 for a flap fitted with an alluminium rivet. Many people donated above the guideline prices, and gift aid was a bonus.

A huge thank you to everyone at the Alba Rosa Cycling Club.

Doubled sided Alba Flap
The first TopFlaps

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