Fitting your flap

Boxing day 2015, The website wasn't ready in time for Christmas, now its ready, the plan is to get some Flaps ready for the spring reliability rides. Group riding in less then perfect weather, this is time to flap up.

When you get yours, how about fitting it?

You will receive two sets of fittings, the flap will be snug with one, but use both to eliminate any rotation of the flap. In the picture below, is one set of fittings.

The two washers create a secure hole for the plastic rivet to expand around.

4mm holes will need to be drilled. We haven't tried a hole punch, but maybe it would work. - Let us know !!

The washers go either side of the flap and mudguard, one on the outside:

And a washer on the inside:

The fittings have a low profile, but we recommend a minimum clearance of 6mm between the tyre and inner surface of the mudguard. This is not normally a problem for mudguards with adjustable stays.

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