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We design, and make, custom bicycle mudflaps.


Each time winter comes around, as cyclists, we each make preparations.  Preparations for us, and our bikes for the worst possible weather.   As simple as a peaked hat under your helmet.  Glasses to keep spray out of your eyes.  Over shoes to keep feet dryer and warmer for longer.  This winter it could be your first with full mudguards...
...be it club riding or riding in a group, polite etiquette is to ride with mudguards.  Some clubs will not let you ride with them in winter without full mudguards.  The problem is, so many mudguards do not provide sufficient coverage to protect the person riding on their wheel.  Providing an extension to the mudguard to keep the road spray down, and the grit out of teeth.

Flaps can be made of all kinds of materials, old laundry detergent bottles, old tyres, old inner tube.  Originally we first made our flaps from flexible chopping boards from the pound shop.  Or bendy placemats, - Kirkgate pound-stretcher in Leeds has all kinds of designs, retro Kellogg’s breakfast cereal designs and even Monster Inc.

We cut the chopping boards to shape, and pop - riveted them to the rear mud guard.  The chopping board flaps lasted a whole winter.  The next winter, we were a little more prepared, we had our first batch of custom flaps ready, The #AlbaFlap was sold for charity.  The flaps were sold without fittings for a reccomended donation, or fitted with a rivet gun for a higher donation.  Now we have tested a plastic expanding fitting that requires no rivet gun.  

Now is the time to improve your winter riding experience.  Contact us for details about getting a batch of custom flaps for your group.